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Sentra Consults is invested in providing all necessary requirements for our clients,

we render both investment and legal consultation services with over 25 years of experience.

We've helped individual, small businesses and global corporation achieve their financial goals.

And still continue to provide financial experts and legal practitioner for our client globally.

We aim at giving our clients the best experience possible in whatever area our services are required.

Our Services

Investment Consulting

Sentra Consults offers professional investment consulting services to help business owners with financial management.

Their team of skilled advisors can assist in creating investment strategies tailored to individual needs and goals.

They focus on goal-based management of institutional portfolios and provide transparent communication to ensure clients feel secure and confident in their investment decisions.

Sentra Consults serves a variety of clients, including corporations, nonprofit organizations, public entities, closely-held businesses, labor unions, and foundations.

They prioritize understanding clients' goals and offer expertise in navigating current markets to develop effective investment strategies.

As registered investment advisors, they have a fiduciary duty to prioritize clients' best interests.

Sentra Consults prides itself on providing great client service, transparency, effective investment strategies, and leveraging internal expertise.

Legal Consulting

Our legal consultancy offers a wide range of services to assist businesses with their legal needs.

We have a network of lawyers from various regions and countries who can provide support in areas such as compliance, copyright and trademark advice, business incorporation, and liability issues.

Our focus is on helping international companies navigate legal hurdles when expanding or operating in different countries.

Our goal is to ensure smooth business operations by helping clients comply with local laws, minimize risks, and achieve their objectives efficiently.

Our services cover contracts, business organization, real estate, taxes and licenses, and intellectual property.

We simplify the process by providing comprehensive assistance in these areas.